Komana is the Bacon Street Project’s in house fashion and interiors brand. Designed and crafted by the sisters Nina and Livia Henne, Komana is producing small collections of fine women’s and men’s clothing, specializing in silk dresses, beautifully detailed waistcoats, handprinted eco-friendly T-shirts and unique leather bags. They are all entirely fairtrade products and organic and natural fabrics are often and increasingly used.

The Komana printed T-Shirt range can also be ordered online. Just send us an e-mail with the style and size you like. The different styles are pictured below. Men’s styles come in organic cotton or equally environmental friendly and silky soft  bamboo and organic cotton blend.

Women’s styles are bamboo and organic cotton blend raglan T-shirt, or egyptian cotton tunic, vest or long sleeves. All prints can be done on any of the different T-shirt styles.


komana sale summer09WEB

komana-web1“Genevieve” on ecru organic cotton T-shirt.

komana-web2right: “woven betty-boo” on white tunic tank. left: “all plaits” on orange tights.

komana-web4“boy” on white bamboo T-shirt

komana-web3Left: Grey batwing jumper with silver “all flash” print. Right: black “all plaits” on chocolate tunic tank.


Left: “all plaits” in black on organic ecru T-shirt. Right: “mr.hand” print

komana-web6Left: “boy” print. Right: “Hiroshima mon Amour” on ecru organic T-shirt.

komana-web7Left: “vulture” on white burn-out T-shirt. Right: bronze “vultures on tree” on ecru organic.

komana-web8Left: bronze “vultures on tree” on black tunic vest. Right: “alice”

komana-web10Left: black “compass” on white bamboo. Left: bronze “lee’s angel” on blue vintage wash style.

komana-web9blue-black “Genevieve” on white tunic tank.


Left: “boy” on white bamboo. Right: “to egon”

komana-web13“woven heart” on men’s ecru organic cotton T, and on women’s bamboo raglan.

komana-web12Left: “to egon” on ecru organic. Right: blue “all plaits” on jumper with suedette batwing.

komana-web14Black jumper with gold batwing and silver “all plaits” print.

komana-web15Organic cotton knickers. With “key” and “boy”

komana-web161black “all plaits” on black bamboo T-shirt.

komana web09 3left: tank with handpainted “la kisseuse”. right: “la paloma” on white bamboo and “officer” on ecru organic.

komana web09 2“harlequin” on white bamboo raglan. Leggings with black “all plaits” print.

komana web09 1“officer” on white bamboo.

komana web09 6“buffalo” on red vest.

komana web09 5left: handpainted “fish” on bamboo raglan. right: grey  “brushy vertical” on white organic.

komana web09 7left: “la kisseuse”. right: “brushy horizontal” on ecru organic.

komana web09 12“zebra” on light grey organic T.

komana web09 8left: “conductor” on white bamboo. right: “officer” on brown vest. Scarfs and leggings with black or silver “all plaits” print.

komana web09 9“wiggles” on white bamboo.

komana web09 20‘la kisseuse” on white organic T.

komana web09 15left: 3-tone “brushstrokes”. right: “mushrooms” on jersey cardigan with satin lining.

komana web09 18left: “zebra” on white organic T-Shirt, worn backwards. right: “clowny” on white bamboo T.

komana web09 23

orange “zebra” on blue organic T

komana web09 24left: “la kisseuse” on white organic T. right: “buffalo” print.

komana web09 17left: “harlequin”, right: vest with “beatrize”.

komana web09 22“ringhead”. digital print on silk jersey dress.

komana web09 19

“tropical fish”, handpainted, on white organic T. right: “la paloma”

komana web09 25

“la kisseuse” on bamboo raglan and purple leggings with black ‘all plaits” print.


All photography by Leandro Quintero.

komana nina 1Black stone washed silk long sleave ‘pondy-dress’ and grey silk ‘franca-vest’ with lace embroidery.

komana nina 2Grey stone washed silk ‘wolfi-dress’, leather belt, bamboo top with harlequin print and organic cotton knickers with frills.

komana nina 3red long sleeve ‘pondy dress’, luxurious stonewashed silk.

komana nina 6grey long sleeve silk ‘pondy dress’. bamboo t-shirt with heart print worn underneath

komana nina 7jersey dress with “strokey” print, orange tights with “all plaits” print

komana nina 5suede waistcoat with leather piping. Brown leggings with “all plaits” print

komana nina 8suede waistcoat with leather piping, organic cotton T-shirt with “officer” print and khaki aladin trousers.

komana nina 9red “wolfi-dress’, luxurious stonewashed silk.

komana nina 10black suede through worn as skirt, ecru organic cotton T-shirt with “strokey” print

komana nina 4pondy dress and franca vest. all silk.

Photos Leandro Quintero.

komana nina shop web1grey jersey dress with “wiggles” print and red silk pondy dress with vest franca.


Komana 2008 pieces photographed by Ignacio Acosta and modelled by Monica Iconica:

komana monica web2stripy Bolivia skirt ang green slovak gilet.

komana monica web6aladin pants and leopard slovak gilet.

komana monica web1tropical triangle dress

komana monica web4grey stonewashed silk drapy pants, tropical slovak gilet.

komana monica web3tropical triangle dress


8 Responses to “Komana”

  1. Anna Hillyard said

    Hi, just bought a pair of your harem pants and I’d love some more, is there anywhere else in London/ on the internet you stock them as there weren’t many colours left in Bacon Street. Thanks, Anna

  2. sonia said

    Alban looks great !!! il est toujours autant photogénique et porte son costume à ravir !
    Bravo et bisou

  3. Pascal said

    where can i get those komana printed tees for guys? I’m really interested in some…

    please shoot me an e-mail 🙂

  4. Ariane said

    How much are they ?? I’m interested. They look great ! (size L, white raglan)

  5. Andy said

    Which is the name of the “boy” on white bamboo T-shirt.

  6. echt starke Fotos. Nina, für dich behalten:
    Seide steht dir verdammt gut, siehst Spitze aus! Jawoll.

  7. I just subscribed to your RSS feed, not sure if I did it accordingly though? Fine article by the way.

  8. grigoris said

    I’m interested in some t-shirts, how much are they? do u deliver to Greece?

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