Quote_grayLondon’s Near East is filled with promise and hope, fresh designers making their mark in the rag trade and artists living one day to the next without a single capitalist concern. This wholesome spirit of independence is felt so well in the Bacon Street Project.

On Friday nights, you don’t shop here; instead you hang out, drink wine and discuss the constant crisis that Near East Londoners have to face: Am I better off here or in Berlin? Still—the quandaries of life aside—the Bacon Street Project is a store filled with ready to wear handmade goods. From jackets to boots or handbags, the offerings speak to fancy-pants avant-garde womens and menswear. And for a greater sense of immediacy, behind the till sits a beautiful young woman sewing the labels of her fashion brand into the t-shirts she’s about to sell. As a collective, the project exudes the spirit of the district and reflects the youth and radiance of those involved. From their hands to yours, the exchange of quid for duds means more than simple commerce. You’re buying a piece of this place and time. We suggest you explore the neighbourhood, the store, and bring your own bottle.Quote_gray



This little shop has a definite place in my heart. If you pay Elise and Livia a visit on Bacon Street (just off Brick Lane) on a Sunday afternoon, you’re in for a treat. After curating and organising the very first exhibition there (they currently have an excellent calendar of exhibitions and events in the basement project space), I fell in love with the French flea market charm of the vintage shop and small cafe upstairs. Elise and Livia literally travel around their home country of France collecting items from flea markets and jumble sales, and bringing them back to the UK to add to the already beautiful collection of diverse pieces. I particularly loved the strange opera masks, vintage motorbike and stunning recycled vases from Guatemala. Both Elise and Livia’s warmth and friendliness makes for an open community feel made up of artists, designers and friends. Go and grab a cup of tea, have a chat, check out the exhibitions downstairs and try on some of the handmade clothes in the bizarre but fascinating interior. There’s no place quite like it.


“Just behind the bagel shops of Brick Lane in an old east London warehouse is this three-in-one shop which combines designer fashions with a cafe and gallery. Designers at the Bacon Street Project include talent from London, Antwerp, Zurich, Tel Aviv, Athens and Buenos Aires. Inbal Gvili, for example, is one young designer from Israel who has worked with Alexander McQueen and Vivenne Westwood. Alongside the beautiful fashions are rare art books and unusual interiors objects.”


Fellini X-Mas Etravaganza.

Homemade food from 7-9, cheap drinks and famous friends as DJs: Bacon Street Project have found just the right mix between coziness and style to throw an appropriate East End christmas party.

The motto of this night is “Fellini”, stipulated flamboyancy that is. Dig deep into your closet, show up on time and party like you’re Casanova.Quote_gray

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One Response to “About”

  1. marzia said

    ciao belle!!! the blog is visually really ‘tres chic’ and also the writing is elegant and explains quite well what you are.. if it would ever be possible to put it down in words…

    my congratulations, the shop experience you are doing contiues to positevely suprise me each and every time,, just like my girls……..

    i really think you should keep on working hard for what i think is a beautifull output for the world….

    keep on rocking.. but not like britney…

    llooooooovvvvvveeee , missssssss, you!!

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